About Soul Fest

Throughout the ages, people have found ways to entertain themselves. The entertainer expressing and sharing a gift with the world and the entertained appreciating the gift through our senses of touch, taste, sight, and sound.  When all are combined, they touch us in a deep way down to our soul.  Our goal is to create an environment where one soul touches another through music, food, and art in a loving, joyful and festive environment. Thus – Soul Fest!  Our Soul Fest will focus on urban music, art, food and other aspects of urban culture. 

Central Florida is a perfect location for our Soul Fest!  Orlando is an epicenter for Florida and easily accessible from surrounding cities in all directions. Unfortunately, and fortunately, there are very few festivals like this in the Central Florida area. However, there is a large urban presence in the Central Florida area that would appreciate a festival such as this.  Our target is for a mature audience of any age group that appreciates urban culture.  

Our aspiration is for the Soul Fest to be one of the premier events in the Central Florida region.

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